2019 Summer Camp

This year, we are returning to http://www.northamptonsailingclub.org/on Pitsford Reservoir for our annual Summer Camp following the huge success of last year. The camp brings everyone together from all regions, and is a fantastic way to make new friends in the sport.
All are welcome, from those just starting out on their windsurfing journey, to windsurfers wishing to practice and perfect certain racing skills prior to the National Championships at the beginning of September. There will be coaches with all the experience necessary to help everyone achieve their personal goals.
Pitsford Reservoir has a lot to offer parents and guardians too. Bring bikes, paddle boards or just sit back and enjoy a good book and the surroundings, whilst the children are out on the water. Camping and all participant meals are included in the £200 cost. Meals for parents/guardians are extra. There must be a parent or loco parentis for each child on site throughout the whole camp