North & Midlands Zone Squad

North & Midlands Zone Squad


Charlie Bennett, Alice Bennion, Hannah Boothroyd, Ella Clarke, Thomas Duffy, Sam Freeman, Josh Freeman, Ruby Hamilton, Luke Hayes, Pascal Kim-Nugent, Tom Law, Rebecca Pilkington, Herbie Tawil


Nieve Ball, Oliver Cooper, Dylan Gardham, Rudy McWilliams, Adam Raistrick, Jack Rathburn, Andrew Smitham, Fay Tomlin, Ethen Weeks


Where do you usually train?

We train at various venues across the north and midlands of England, N Lincs Sailing Club, Crosby Sailing Club, Derwent Reservoir, Pitsford Sailing Club and Rutland, plus the Easter camp in Weymouth. As a squad we come from many different T15 clubs including: Pugneys, Hollingworth, N Lincs, Glossop and Covenham.

How often does the squad meet for training?

We usually train once a month with the Zone Squad. In between the weekends we train at our own T15 clubs as well as meeting up with other squad members at their clubs.

What is your normal training routine?

We arrive around 8am, get rigged, have breakfast and meet at 9.00am when we go for a run and some exercises before our morning briefing and go over our homework. After that we change into wetsuits and meet our coaches for the first session on the water. Each session has a different focus and which we know in advance and come prepared for. Sometimes the on water session may be different from the plan if the wind conditions are not as expected. Our first session at N Lincs was extremely windy but we all managed to get out and learn loads. Our next one at Rutland was even windier on the Saturday so we practiced beach and water starts. Around 12.30 we have lunch then we have a quick briefing before heading out again for the afternoon session. We then have one last final session before we come back in, derig, change and have a briefing before we finish. We all usually try and stay overnight either at the club or locally so that we get a chance to catch up with each other.

What do you like best about the squad?

It’s really good that the parents have organised accommodation at the venues so that we can spend the evenings together. Also its great that all the parents take it in turns to help out on the ribs or as shore parents. Our coaches are pretty cool too and they all take it in turns to come out on the water and train alongside us!

Is there anything you don’t really like?

When it gets really cold!!!