North and Midlands Zone training report

Report by Charlotte Morrison

DSC_0015On the weekend of the 9th& 10th April, the North and Midlands zone squad were at Colwyn bay in wales for their 5th training weekend.On Saturday we all rigged on the prom before briefing. At first briefing we were told what was going to happen during the day. We split into 2 groups and were tested on our tidal knowledge, we did this with Jaffa cakes. We also went onto the beach and did the key things for a start line; including space, transits and flags.

Later on we all got changed and launched onto the sea but soon after we went out the wind died and we were sent in for dinner as it was very hard work.At around 1 o’clock we all went out and the wind had thankfully filled in to help us get some race start practices using the things that we learned from the morning.We headed in and de-rigged, got changed and had the de-brief and were told what we were doing the next day.

On Sunday the same process happened of rigging up and having our briefing. This morning the wind was stronger so the rigging took slightly longer. Today we were racing to put everything into practice. We all got changed and launched. When we were launching the waves and swell were making it hard to launch, and only a few managed. The people who didn’t get out were practicing beach starts. The people who got out were doing racing and managed to fit 3 in before dinner.

DSC_0169After dinner the group split into 2 and one was those who wanted to race and the other one was those who didn’t. The racing group went out but after a while they were told that the racing wasn’t going to be happening so were allowed to blast around. The other group were beach starting and sailing to a buoy. The weekend ended with a final de-brief showing the stuff for the ET’s and a group shot on the climbing frame.


And also a write-up by Lucy Howell

On the 9th and 10th of April 2016 the north and midlands zone squad visited Colwyn Bay in Wales. On the Saturday we didn’t have much wind for a change so we learned about tides and start lines. Some of the things that we learned we had to do on a start line are check if the line is bias or not, take a transit, set watch and know how many laps we are doing. When we got on the water in the morning we learned how to cope with swell and no wind.

In the afternoon we did start lines and practised accelerating off the line we also learned more about how tides can affect your starts. On Sunday we had around 15 knots but lots of waves in the morning we all attempted to get out and race but due to the challenging conditioned not many people managed to race. So in the afternoon some of the more confident sailors went out and raced some more but the rest of the squad stayed close to shore and learned how to launch and come in safely and quickly in waves.

Thank you to all the coaches for an excellent and beneficial weekend and a big thanks to all the parents for bringing us and helping us all weekend.