T293UK Class Documents

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General Documents

T293UK privacy policy

T293UK RIB Usage Policy

T293UK Expense claim template

T293UK Coaching Risk Assessments and Incident Form

T293UK Code of Conduct

T293UK Child Protection policy

RYA Policies page, which T293UK adheres to, as an Affiliated Class Association

RYA Disputes and Disciplinary Procedure, which T293UK adheres to, as an Affiliated Class Association

2020 Documents:

T293UK AGM Agenda 2020

RYA International Competition Event Support 2020

2019 Documents:

Notice of Selection Techno UKDS 2019_20

T293UK AGM Agenda 2019

2019 Europeans in Israel – info pack

BIC Techno293 2019 Price List

Minutes of Meeting 16th Jan 2019

Minutes of Meeting 5th March 2019

Minutes of Meeting 13th May 2019


2018 Documents:

Minutes of Meeting 9th Jan 2018

Minutes of Meeting 15th March 2018

T293UK AGM Presentation 13th April 2018

T293UK Constitution (agreed at AGM) 13th April 2018

Minutes of Meeting 8th May 2018

T293UK Constitution – Proposed 31st May 2018

Minutes of meeting – 3rd September 2018

2017 Documents:

T293UK Constitution – April 2017

T293UK AGM presentation 2017

T293UK AGM finance 2017