Windsurfing Lessons in the UK

Learn to windsurf in the UK!

We run training sessions in dozens of different locations both on the coast and on inland waterways for windsurfing lessons in the UK. Most local windsurfing clubs run training and lessons during the summer months. They especially welcome first timers, and there are often teachers and coaches on hand to help young people master the basics before they have a try on the water!



Techno293 UK kids windsurfing club practicing and training in UK waters

Increase confidence and skill

Anyone can enjoy the thrill of foiling or sailing with a Techno 293. With the right equipment, and high quality instruction provided by the RYA or the UKWA, you can learn to windsurf quickly, and as you improve and gain confidence and skill, you will find yourself gaining more enjoyment out of it still.

Windsurfing may be frustrating at first, but the more skill you gain, the more enjoyable the sport becomes, and the more aspects you can work on as you improve. You will be shown how to improve your stance, how to follow a course as fast as possible, and aspects such as tacking and gybing. 

Youth windsurfing lessons

The RYA's youth windsurfing scheme is the perfect place to begin for under 16s looking to get involved in the sport for the first time, and they offer lessons and training sessions all over the country.



Do I need to have a techno board and sail?

No! It doesn't matter what kit you have or what sail size you use. Most sailors will borrow club kit for these events and we have courses from 3.5m sails (or below) up to 7.8m sails. If you haven't got your own kit or you can't borrow your club kit, get in contact with the host club to discuss options.

I have never raced or entered a competition before – does it matter?

No!! Don't worry if you have never done this before there will be plenty of people around who will talk you through it or help. Our main aim is for everyone to have fun so our events are really relaxed.

What if it is too windy for my sailor?

We manage the events according to the weather and our experienced coaches will alter the course or do some skills sessions. It doesn't matter if they can't finish the course, it's all about having a go and having fun.