Kids' windsurfing in the UK

Learn to windsurf with the Techno 293!

Welcome to Techno293 UK. We are the UK organisation dedicated to promoting kids' windsurfing in the UK through the Techno 293 class. With this board, there really are no limits! The windsurfing community is very welcoming and supportive, and you are always welcome to come and have a try!

Helping you get involved

This is the place to come to learn more about upcoming windsurfing events, local and regional youth championships, and how and where to go to get involved in windsurfing. Whether you are looking for the nearest place to learn or try windsurfing for the first time, or are looking for national championship results, we have the resources on hand for you.




Techno293 UK kids windsurfing in UK waters


  • Any skill level can have fun and enjoy the outdoors
  • Helps with self-sufficiency and independence
  • Completely safe and supervised environments
  • With a suitable wetsuit, it isn't even cold!

The Techno 293 Class is almost universally adopted as the board for youth windsurfing, meaning there are so many opportunities that come along with learning this class. It gives young people the chance to travel, socialise, learn independent decision-making, and compete to the level of their ability, right up to world championship level.








The Techno 293 Class

The Techno 293 is a highly forgiving setup, designed to help you learn and get used to the wind and the waves. It is used for kids' windsurfing in the UK from ages 7 to 17, and from novice and training levels right up to world championship level. It is an affordable competition spec design accessible to all levels of skill and purposes.




Techno293 UK windsurfing training in open water group

Why Techno?

With easy controls and a manageable size, the Techno 293 is a very stable platform for learning windsurfing. It is useable and fun in both light winds and breezier conditions.

It is a versatile and durable design, reducing costs to clubs and to parents and sailors, and it can be tailored in many ways to suit the sailor and conditions perfectly.

The class has four different sizes, enabling smooth progression from under 13 up to senior levels, while the feel and handling remain the same, enabling complete mastery of the setup.

The UK Windsurfing Association and the International Sailing Federation both recognise the Techno 293 class, and run regular competitions and events both in the UK and internationally.

The Techno 293 class is considered as a feeder series for the Olympic windsurfing and sailing teams, making it the ultimate class to learn and become proficient in.


Our mission

The mission of Techno293 is, above all, to promote kids' windsurfing in the UK. We aim to achieve this through the following activities:

  • Supporting junior sailors to develop a lifelong passion for windsurfing
  • Representing the viewpoint of windsurfers and parents in all racing and training matters at Regional, National and International level.
  • Develop and deliver a strong and inclusive junior race and race training programme throughout the UK, with support of the RYA.
  • Being the definitive and representative voice of the Techno293 sailors in discussion with the RYA and UKWA.
  • Striving to create a strategic development structure for all sailors passing through the classes with the aim of their continuation within competitive windsurf racing participation.


Techno293 UK windsurfing kids in sea at competition


Windsurfing Events

This is the place to keep up to date with all upcoming windsurfing competitions, training camps, and regional, national and international windsurfing events. We will also keep you abreast of all news relating to kids' windsurfing in the UK.

Techno293 UK Regional Windsurfing League team photo at event


Regional Windsurfing Leagues

These are great events where you can both compete with some of the best young windsurfers in the country, and learn to improve your skills in a safe and relaxed environment.

Techno293 UK talk through group of kids using ipad


Latest News

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