Windsurfing events in the UK

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At Techno293 UK, we are the hub for news, contests, and times and locations of windsurfing events in the UK. If you are interested in taking up windsurfing, or are a parent supporting a young windsurfer, we have the links and resources you need right here.




What is the Techno 293?

 This board is now the premier board for learning to windsurf in the UK. Around 10,000 of these boards have been sold already, and since 2006, the class has been the feeder series for Olympic selection, as well as being an event in its own right at the Youth Olympics. There are now multiple windsurfing events in the UK featuring the Techno 293, with six regional leagues in England encouraging youth windsurfing across the country.










Helping young people learn to windsurf

The board is a great platform for learning windsurfing, being stable, easy to handle in many different conditions, and versatile. It offers great scope for advanced windsurfing too, and can be fine-tuned to achieve even greater levels of control and speed in competition. This makes it a great board for learning technical aspects of windsurfing setups, and gives young people the freedom of the waves, and responsibility and control over their sailing. Read on to learn more about windsurfing events in the UK and beyond!



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