UK Windsurfing leagues

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There are five major regional windsurfing leagues in England, which we cover: London & South East, South and South West, Midlands, North West, and North East. Each region in the UK windsurfing leagues holds a few race meetings each year, with several races at each meeting over the course of the day.




How the leagues work

Usually at each meeting in the UK windsurfing leagues, the points from the best races are accumulated, with racers discarding their worst one or two races in the overall scores. In this way, a league table is constructed, and the top three racers overall are awarded medals or trophies. While the races are highly competitive, the overall spirit of the events is welcoming and wholesome, with more experienced racers often helping novices find their way in this exciting and technical sport.

Techno293 UK training team at dusk on open water




From the race meeting results, the same system is used to determine yearly regional and national champions across the UK windsurfing leagues.










  • Wetsuit (some clubs will loan these so if you don't have one please ask the club)
  • Swimwear for under your wetsuit
  • Buoyancy aid ( 50 newtons again ask if you do not have your own )
  • Change of clothes and towel
  • Wetsuit boots or footwear that can get wet
  • Change of footwear
  • Board
  • Fin
  • UJ ( mast foot )
  • Sail
  • Mast
  • Boom


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