There are five major regional windsurfing leagues in England, which we cover: London & South East, South and South West, Midlands, North West, and North East.


London & South East

There is ample opportunity for sailing in London and the South East, with prominent meetings on the Kent coast, and at Queen Mary Reservoir.  more  

South & South West

The South and South West regions have recently merged, giving windsurfers from across the region the chance to compete against each other in a league.  more  


Despite its lack of coastline, there are many locations and windsurfing clubs across the Midlands, in the many lakes and reservoirs the region has to offer.  more  

North West

There are currently three meetings in inland reservoirs and lakes across the region and one in the beautiful surroundings of West Kirby Sailing Club near Hoylake in the Wirral.  more  

North East

The North East region covers North Yorkshire, The North East of England, and the Scottish Borders.  more